Environmental Policy — OMNI Products
Environmental issues are increasingly important to every business in New Zealand. At OMNI Products we conduct our services in accordance with the Environmental Policy designed to control and limit our environmental impact that allows us to play our part as a good corporate citizen.
Everyone wants to take greater care of the environment. As a low-impact service business we play our part through a range of measures.

Environment Matters
Our environmental awareness is constantly evolving and improving.
Our strategic recognised key focus areas of environmental management are outlined below:
Company and Product Development
• Strives to include environmental considerations in our planning processes.
• Is committed to periodically conducting reviews of our activities to ensure compliance with regulations and to achieve the best possible outcomes.
• Develops its products for optimum sustainability which are safe in their intended use, that are efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources, and that can be recycled, reused, or disposed of safely.
• Is committed to educate, train and motivate employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Conducts all its operations in a manner that safeguards health, protects the environment and conserves valuable materials and resources. Takes aggressive measures to minimise energy and other resource consumption through increased efficiency and conservation. Maintains and enhances internal procedures for handling environmental emergencies.
Examples of OMNI Products Operational directives are:
• Files are stored electronically (where possible), rather than printed.
• Focus on gaining extended life cycles from vehicles and when upgrading moving to cleaner burning low energy use cars.
• Air-conditioning is turned off completely if weather permits
• One-switch lighting is used to ensure lights can’t be left on when the premises are empty
• Obsolete equipment is re-sold or donated to lengthen its lifecycle.
• Half-flush toilet cisterns are used throughout
• Rechargeable electric forklifts are used in our warehouses wherever possible
• Recyclable cartons are utilised for our packaging and clear versus brown packing tape is now our preferred option.

Waste Management
• OMNI Products Ltd makes every attempt to minimise waste.
• Any waste that is created will be reduced, reused or recycled.
• Any waste that does not fit into these categories will be disposed of through safe and responsible methods.

Examples of OMNI Products waste minimise program are:
• Paper and cardboard is collected for recycling
• Cans, plastic and glass are collected for recycling
• Cartons are recycled and used to send out orders

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